Diamond Seeds are pleased to announce the hosting of Ella Jo’s three albums on our site through our on line services.
Ella Jo's three albums signed to Diamond SeedsEJ has written and produced two albums to date, each with ten original songs. Limits Of Milkweed and Alter Ego containing songs which span the genres. She embraces neo folk to unapologetic popular music but also incorporates drum and bass grooves, acapella, and classic vibes of bond movie stature. All the songs are woven together with al fresco style singing and strong lyrics. The albums are enhanced by amusing sound-scapes, using interesting concepts and montaging techniques. We have found they cannot fail to appeal.

She will be releasing a new album, Attitude Is Everything in 2010, which will also be available through Diamond Seeds. This third album will feature another exciting mixture of genres including gothic strains and burly beats. We welcome her to the site.

Ella Jo at Myspace